3 Chicago White Sox players who could be All-Stars in 2024

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
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This season, the Chicago White Sox only had one lone all-star, which was Luis Robert Jr.

Now, it's already time to flip the page and start thinking about which White Sox can make an impact that's all-star-worthy next year.

At this time, who knows what the 2024 Chicago White Sox will look like. What will the starting rotation look like? Is the starting lineup going to look similar to how it does this year?

Again, who knows? Based on the players on the team at the moment, here are three potential players that can represent the White Sox in Arlington at the Mid-Summer Classic in 2024:

1. Jake Burger

Jake Burger is a really good baseball player that could be an All-Star soon.

What a journey it's been for Jake Burger. If there's an inspirational story in the baseball world to study, Burger is one of them.

Burger suffered through two Achilles tears during his minor league career. He even admitted himself he thought about quitting. It's unbelievable to think that if Burger went through with that decision, he wouldn't have been one of the White Sox's best slugging hitters during the 2023 season.

Burger has the potential to be a dominant power hitter for an extended period of time. If he adapts better bat control along with a source of patience, it's possible that Jake Burger can be one of the best hitters in all of baseball, which would grant him All-Star access.

2023 has been an all-around solid year from Burger, considering he wasn't even on the team at the beginning of the year. He has proven he belongs in the lineup every day and it will be interesting to see how they handle him once Yoan Moncada returns from injury.

Burger has 19 home runs after the first half of the 2023 MLB season, which is second on the club behind Luis Robert Jr. He is a guy that is so easy to root for. Hopefully, he matures into a better and better baseball player day by day for the Chicago White Sox.

Burger is 27 years old, meaning his prime years may still be ahead of him.