3 Chicago White Sox players who may be gone by June 1st

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The Chicago White Sox are in the middle of a stretch where they are playing good baseball but there are a lot of issues to still address.

They are 10 games under .500 which is less than ideal of course but they have a long way to go along with playing in a bad division.

With just over a week to go before we hit June, however, it might be time to start thinking about some harsh decisions.

If they were to make even more changes before June 1st hits, these three players might end up being gone:

1. Aaron Bummer

Aaron Bummer is not earning a spot on the Chicago White Sox right now.

Aaron Bummer has been terrible for the Chicago White Sox this season. He was bad at times last year but people didn't want to admit it and rightfully so. At one point, he was an elite reliever with amazing stuff.

Now, he isn't doing much to help this team win. He has a -0.6 WAR for a reason. His ERA is over eight and he has a hard time getting batters out when he doesn't strike them out.

Bummer relies a lot on the defense behind him because of the nature of sinker fastballs and we all know the White Sox defense isn't all that great.

It would be a big move if the Chicago White Sox let him go but there are other pitchers in the organization who are better suited for this role in the bullpen.

Garrett Crochet is already back and Liam Hendriks should return soon so there is no reason to have Bummer around if he isn't helping them win.