3 Chicago White Sox trade packages for Chris Sale

Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two
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The Chicago White Sox had some really great times with Chris Sale. During his tenure on the south side, he was one of the best pitchers in the league.

He was traded to the Boston Red Sox for Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech in addition to two other prospects. Sale won the World Series with Boston and the White Sox are still trying.

Now, it sounds like Sale could be on the trade block once again. The White Sox would actually make perfect sense for him as he could come in and be a big help to the organization.

He is a left-handed pitcher that now has some winning experience. He would be a great fit. If the White Sox were to make a trade for Chris Sale, it might look something like this:

To White Sox: Chris Sale - To Red Sox: Yoan Moncada, Gavin Sheets

The Chicago White Sox could make a trade that turns back time a bit.

Maybe time is a flat circle. The White Sox could just trade Moncada back to the Red Sox for Sale. Moncada could use a change of scenery again and the Red Sox might be looking for a new third baseman soon if they lose Rafael Devers.

Adding Moncada would certainly not be a good replacement for Devers in a lot of ways but at least they'd have someone that can play the position defensively at a high level. They might even be able to unlock something in him that the White sox weren't able to get.

Adding Gavin Sheets into the trade could be something that helps the Red Sox. He might be able to drive the ball really well at Fenway Park. Giving up two players with decently high ceilings but low value to the White Sox might be worth it to get Sale back.