3 Chicago White Sox trade packages for Max Fried

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Last week, there was a report that came out that suggested that the Atlanta Braves might be willing to move on from Max Fried via a trade to cut some salary.

Of course, if that is the case, the Chicago White Sox should be all over it. They could use an elite left-handed starter as much as any team in the American League.

They might have just enough assets to make a trade like this if Atlanta puts Fried out there for a trade conversation.

He would fit in so well with this White Sox team. Lucas Giolito and Max Fried went to high school together and Ethan Katz was their pitching coach. Seeing it all come together with the White Sox would be truly amazing. One of these three trades might get it done:

To White Sox: Max Fried - To Braves: Colson Montgomery, Gavin Sheets, Sean Burke

The Chicago White Sox and Atlanta Braves could make good trades.

The Chicago White Sox could make a few different moves to land Max Fried this offseason. One of them could include thier number one prospect in Colson Montgomery. He was amazing in 2022 and that led to him jumping up to their top spot.

Gavin Sheets would be able to go to the Braves and provide steady at-bats from the left side in certain situations while being a good backup first baseman for Matt Olson.

Sean Burke is a pitching prospect that has a lot of promise at this point. He might not be a star or anything like that but teams like the Braves usually succeed with guys like him. Burke and Montgomery would be joining what is already a top-flight farm system.