3 Chicago White Sox who could be traded before Opening Day

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are in for an interesting season. They were one of the most disappointing teams in the league during the 2022 season and are now dealing with mixed expectations coming into spring training here in 2023.

They made some interesting moves this off-season but nothing that is going to move the needle. In order to do that, they need the stars that they already have to play to their potential. It is easier said than done but certainly a possibility.

They could try to make another move before the spring season is over in order to better their team before Opening Day.

They have a couple of players on the roster that would be good for a trade if necessary. These are the three players that may get consideration to be on the move before the season begins:

Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is someone that the Chicago White Sox might consider moving.

The Chicago White Sox signed Joe Kelly last off-season in the hopes that they'd be getting the good version of him which would mean that they are getting an outstanding pitcher. Unfortunately, he wasn't very good when he wasn't injured.

This is a guy that has won the World Series with two different teams so he does have some valuable experience under his belt that can help any team.

If the White Sox packaged him in with another player in a big trade to move away from his money, it might be a really smart move for them. He has had a great career but the White Sox don't really need him in their bullpen anymore.

It is sad that it didn't work out for him in Chicago but the team should really consider moving on. Even if he starts the year, they should be looking to see if anyone wants him as the year goes on. Hopefully, with or without the White Sox, he helps the team get better.