3 current players the Chicago White Sox have mistreated

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The Chicago White Sox haven't been around positive thoughts for a couple of years now and with the way the 2023 season is going thus far, it seems like that will continue.

The organization came into this year with Andrew Benintendi, Elvis Andrus, and Mike Clevinger as their significant additions. They also lost their leader, Jose Abreu.

The point is that the organization needed to do more to the roster to make it better than the previous year which was the mediocre 81-81 2022 season.

They choose to reconstruct almost the entire coaching staff and run it back with a very similar team. That plan has led them to a 7-16 record, the fourth-worst record in all of baseball.

The Chicago White Sox have mishandled several players on this team and unfortunately, some of these guys will never live up to their highest standards or potential during their time on the club. There are three specifically that ring the bell of mistreatment.

1. Jake Burger

Jake Burger would be a superstar if he was with another MLB team.

Jake Burger hasn't found a way into the Chicago White Sox's lineup unless the player ahead of him (most of the time, it's Yoan Moncada) is injured. When Moncada is healthy, Burger remains in Charlotte. When Moncada is injured, Burger plays third base in Chicago.

The organization has mishandled Jake Burger, and with how much he supplies from the offensive side, it's a shame he may never get a full-season chance in the big leagues and most importantly, with the Chicago White Sox.

Burger has hit five home runs and batted in ten runners in just 41 at-bats. He is also suitable for a .986 OPS thus far in the 2023 regular season.

His power numbers are too good to be down in Charlotte when the White Sox are healthy. The organization uses him as a full-time replacement player and that's not the type of recognition he deserves.

The White Sox needs to find a long-term role that suits Burger. If they don't, it might be in their best interest to find a trade that puts Burger in a position to succeed in the majors while the White Sox get parts they need in return.