3 former White Sox failing miserably with their new team

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The Chicago White Sox are having a miserable start to the 2023 season. Everyone in a position of power deserves to be fired and almost every player has been a disappointment.

There have just been some bizarre decisions made by this team over the last handful of years and they are suffering because of it now.

However, misery loves company. There have been plenty of players that have departed the White Sox over the last year or so that are now on new teams.

Some of them are having success but not all of them are. These are the three former Chicago White Sox players that are failing miserably with their new team:

1. Jose Abreu

The Chicago White Sox were devastated when Jose Abreu left the team.

Jose Abreu has been one of the long-standing stars on this team for a very long time. He won an MVP and had lots of success while on the south side.

A while ago, it seemed like he was never going to leave this franchise. Things changed after the miserable 2022 season though and he chose to go with the Houston Astros who were fresh off a World Series championship.

The White Sox moved into the Andrew Vaughn era when it came to first base and that is where we are right now.

So far, Vaughn has been considerably better than Abreu in 2023. Abreu has not had a good start with the Astros at all as he helps them try to defend their title.

His slash line of .235/.266/.269 for an OPS of .535 is atrocious. He has 13 RBIs because he does always find a way to bat in runs but only seven runs scored. He hasn't even hit his first home run as an Astro yet and we're over a month in.

His -0.7 WAR speaks volumes. This was one good decision that the White Sox made during the previous off-season.