3 free agent shortstops who can help the White Sox replace Tim Anderson in 2024

The White Sox have plenty of options available to them in free agent when it comes to stop-gap shortstops.
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox were a truly terrible team in 2023. It was an awful situation in every single way and the dumpster fire of a season led to them firing their general manager Rick Hahn and executive vice president Ken Williams. Now, Chris Getz is tasked with the job of getting this franchise back on track. 

Part of this retooling that they are doing is letting Tim Anderson walk. Chicago didn’t pick up his $14 million option, so he is free to go wherever he wants in free agency. It is fair for White Sox fans to root for his success wherever he lands, but it is also important for team to figure out the position going forward. 

It seems as if the plan is for Colson Montgomery to be the long-term shortstop, but he isn’t ready yet as he only has a handful of games at Double-A under his belt. The potential is there, but he is going to need a lot more seasoning in the minors before he is ready for primetime with a 2025 debut being the safer bit.. Montgomery looks like he could be a potential star in the making. but the White Sox should avoid bringing him up too early. 

Looking to the shortstop market this offseason. There are a ton of very good veterans available in free agency that Chicago should consider to bridge the gap until Colson is ready. None of these shortstops should be the long-term plan, but they can all help the Sox for the 2024 season which is all they need right now. 

The Chicago White Sox could use a shortstop like Amed Rosario.

Amed Rosario is a shortstop who has been on a few teams and carved out a nice career up to this point. At 27 years old, he is looking for a new home after putting up a .263/.305/.378 with the Guardians and Dodgers in 2023. The White Sox would make a lot of sense for him as he is familiar with the team and brings a few things to the table.

For parts of three years, Rosario was on the Guardians' roster where he was an average bat most of the time while providing decent value with his glove as well. Playing in the same division as the White Sox likely allowed Rosario to have a front row seat to the level of talent that Chicago has assuming the front office doesn't trade everyone away this winter.

Rosario's 2023 season was reasonably productive, but he was still traded at the deadline as the Guardians decided to sell and the Dodgers were in desperate need of middle infield help. He was part of a division-winning team in the end and that LA was interested in him at all does say something about his talent level. Amed also brings some speed and can play shortstop well which, on a cheap and short deal, would be ideal for what the White Sox are looking to accomplish this winter.