3 mistakes that cost the Chicago White Sox dearly in 2023

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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2. Hiring Pedro Grifol

The White Sox really hurt themselves when they hired Pedro Grifol.

The Chicago White Sox made a terrible decision after the 2020 season when they hired Tony La Russa to be their manager. There were plenty of other more qualified people there that could have done the job much better.

After La Russa predictably didn't work out well at all, he was done after 2022 due to health reasons. The White Sox wouldn't have fired him despite the serious underperforming that they did that season.

Then, Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams decided to bring in Pedro Grifol off the Kansas City Royals bench coach staff. Wow, was that a mistake or what? He is absolutely the worst manager in all of Major League Baseball right now.

Grifol wasn't good at in-game management, handled the bullpen very poorly, and was in over his head every day. He even sounded like he had no clue about anything when he spoke to the media.

He is so clearly someone that they should fire and they won't do it. They like having a bad manager doing everything wrong. Hiring him was one of the worst decisions that they have ever made and now the fans are stuck with him.