3 potential replacements for Pedro Grifol as White Sox manager

San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox had a horrible year in 2023. They were as terrible (61-101) as they've ever been in franchise history. This was supposed to be a contending year which makes things even worse.

It is one thing to be that bad when it is by design but they were trying to be good. Instead, they were a joke in every way. The players were bad and the people responsible for them being on the roster were worse but they aren't the only ones to blame.

The White Sox hired Pedro Grifol to be the new manager after Tony La Russa left. TLR was bad too but he wasn't nearly as terrible as Grifol. This is someone that needs to be fired after one year. Whether the White Sox will do it or not remains to be seen but they should.

If the White Sox did actually make a move like this, there are some options out there for them to consider. These are the three that they can consider hiring:

1. Ozzie Guillen

The Chicago White Sox can bring Ozzie Guillen back for a year or two.

The Chicago White Sox is a team that has had some bad managers over the last handful of years. In fact, nobody has really been a truly good manager since Ozzie Guillen.

Of course, Guillen won the World Series with the White Sox in 2005. He is the only living person who can say that they managed a White Sox team to a World Series championship.

There were some rumors that he'd be the guy last time around but they went with Pedro Grifol instead. If anything, Guillen would make this team more accountable for their actions.

He clearly, from watching the postgame shows, cares about this team to his core and wants to see them win. He should be an option they consider right now.