3 of the most hated Chicago White Sox players since 2000

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The Chicago White Sox are very bad right now. The 2023 season is a complete disaster and it will always be remembered that way.

Nobody in White Sox land likes this team in any way. They have disappointed as much as any team in the history of the franchise.

That doesn't mean that there weren't players on other White Sox teams, perhaps even good teams, that were more hatable than the guys who suit up today.

These three players are the three most hated players that the White Sox have had since 2000:

1. Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher was not a good member of the Chicago White Sox in 2008.

The Chicago White Sox made a bold move to bring Nick Swisher in ahead of the 2008 season. He had an okay season for the one year he was there but he didn't make a good name for himself.

It was obvious that he didn't get along with Ozzie Guillen who was managing the team at the time. If you can't get along with him, there are obvious problems.

Swisher was benched for most of September the year he was on the team because he was having the worst year of his career.

The White Sox were in a playoff race so these types of moves needed to be done. Ozzie didn't care what your name was, he cared about how you helped the team win.

Despite this issue, the Sox included him on the playoff roster which is a bit surprising. They were beated by the Tampa Bay Rays in the first round anyway so it didn't matter.

One year later, Swisher was traded to the New York Yankees. He decided to bounce back that season. The New York Yankees ended up winning the World Series that year.

One year after that in 2010, Swisher was then an American League All-Star in a Yankees uniform. That wasn't fun to watch.

This guy is hated by Chicago White Sox fans and rightfully so. He should have been better in every way.