3 most likely trade partners for the Chicago White Sox

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The Chicago White Sox are in bad shape. They are not a good baseball team which is a problem considering they are trying to be good.

They started a rebuild in 2016 right after the season ended and it looked promising for about five years.

Following the 2021 season, which was great, they started to falter. It began with a very mediocre 81-81 season in 2022 followed by this 2023 season which has been a disaster.

Now, it is time to sell off and consider rebuilding again. They are going to make some trades before the August 1st deadline.

There are tons of teams that might try to get with the White Sox for a trade. These are the three teams that they are most likely to trade with:

1. Baltimore Orioles

The Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles make a ton of sense.

The Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles could figure out tons of trades. The O's need tons of pitching help and that is where the White Sox are the richest in terms of trade assets.

Any of Lucas Giolito, Dylan Cease, or Lance Lynn would help them. Obviously, the returns for those guys would all be different but the Orioles could certainly use them.

Baltimore's starting pitching isn't amazing right now and they still have a lead in the league's best division. If the White Sox could help them, they would really welcome it.

Gavin Sheets is also a big lefty power bat that could get some interest around the league. He just so happens to be a Baltimore native as well. If they wanted to add another bat off the bench, Sheets makes a ton of sense.

No matter who it is for, these two teams make lots of sense as trade partners. The White Sox will certainly be selling and the Orioles will absolutely be buying.