3 players who will not make it through the season for the Chicago White Sox

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Kevin Pillar

Pillar was part of a previous article that was written about him being a disappointment with the Sox in 2024. It’s thought that if Pillar does not do any better in the first part of the season, let’s say the first quarter, he’s going to be a goner.

We have already seen that Dominic Fletcher might be the guy they utilize in right field. He just might be someone who takes over right field full-time. He’s more athletic and he is younger. Fletcher is more prepared for the future than Pillar is.

Don’t be surprised if Pillar makes it about midway through the season and then finds himself off the active roster or perhaps in the minors. However, the White Sox don’t have a strong 1 – 2 punch at right fielder so Fletcher and Pillar might be it for a while. The Sox could trade for a better prospect sometime down the road also.

Max Stassi

Poor Max Stassi.

This guy cannot catch a break. He missed all of last season due to a family issue and is starting this season on the injured list. This is giving time for Korey Lee to step in and step up which he has been. If Lee continues on his upward trend, it’s possible he could take Stassi’s spot in the lineup and either relegate Stassi to the minors or the Sox could designate him for assignment.

It was once thought that Stassi would be the starter over Maldonado but that never quite panned out. Stassi didn’t have the high-impact spring training that was needed to overcome Maldonado. But he hasn’t had a chance in the majors, with the White Sox, to show his stuff yet.

We should wait, let him get his chance, and see how he does.

Stassi has one of those life stories that would make us want to pull for him. But we have to face the facts, this is a business and the White Sox need all the talent they can get on hand, healthy and ready to go.

Hopefully, Stassi can get back and play well but if he’s not, and Lee plays as well as we think that he will, Stassi may not make it to the end of the season with the Sox.