3 players the White Sox should move on from to save their season

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees - Game One
Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees - Game One / Elsa/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox need some help if they want to save their season. There are a few players on the roster right now that are hurting the team more than they are helping them.

They have already let guys like Jake Diekman and Jose Ruiz go as they were harming their chances to win on a nightly basis.

Chicago should absolutely not stop there. They should keep doing things to improve their team as the year goes along.

If the White Sox want to save their season, these three players should be moved on from:

1. Lance Lynn

The Chicago White Sox should be moving on from Lance Lynn.

Lance Lynn has been terrible at pitching this season. He went on a nice little run at the end of May but that ended up being the exception more than the rule.

After his most recent bad start vs the Los Angeles Dodgers, his ERA is up to 6.75 and his WHIP is up to 1.565. Things have gotten so bad that his WAR is down to -1.1.

Lynn doesn't need to be starting any more games for the Chicago White Sox this season. They should either trade him to a team that believes they can fix him or just DFA him.

Things haven't gotten as bad as they did with Dallas Keuchel in 2022 but they are getting there. The problem is that Lynn has been a fan favorite much more than Keuchel was.

It is a shame that the White Sox are not going to win with Lynn because that would have been awesome. Unfortunately, they would be better off without him going forward.