3 players who could play second base for the White Sox in 2024

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There's nothing against Elvis Andrus because his tenure with the Chicago White Sox, both offensively and defensively, was what a majority of people expected. Andrus was a great veteran presence who is, unfortunately, at the back end of his career.

The White Sox need to start looking at options that are going to lead through their play as well as their "clubhouse presence."

Having a vocal type of leader can lead to success for most organizations but when it comes to the White Sox, it's time for them to enhance the second baseman position for good or at least for an extended period of time.

Here are three options the Chicago White Sox can go to for the 2024 MLB season:

1. White Merrifield

The Chicago White Sox could consider Whit Merrifield this off-season.

Most White Sox fans have been disgusted by the amount of people in the organization who have been linked with the Kansas City Royals in the past and rightfully so. However, Whit Merrifield should be an exception.

The three-time all-star would be an excellent fit for the Chicago White Sox and there are multiple reasons why.

Merrifield's career slash line is a .284/.330/.750. Given the statistics, if the White Sox end up with interest in him, the organization knows they are getting a reasonably consistent bat along with a guy who can better balance a mediocre to below-average White Sox offense.

Merrifield can also provide great utility play defensively. He is a second baseman but he is always the guy to call on to play other positions when others can't go that day.

To summarize, he's a second baseman who can be used as a utility man when counted on and a productive one too, which hasn't been the case for previous White Sox utility players in the past.

Whit has a mutual option for 2024 but it is likely that he will become a free agent this off-season. The White Sox should consider him.