3 players who will become available for trade if White Sox stay out of contention

Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are not having a good year up to this point. They have spurts where they look like the contender that they are supposed to be but they are falling out of contention quickly.

There are a lot of reasons for this. The management group, ownership, and the group of players haven't done what is needed to be done in order to be a winner.

If the White Sox aren't in playoff contention by the trade deadline, there are a few players that could get a lot of interest from other teams around the league.

Contenders might pay a fair amount to acquire one of these three Chicago White Sox players if they become available:

1. Lucas Giolito

Lucas Giolito is having a bounce back year and could end up being traded.

The Chicago White Sox have had some great moments with Lucas Giolito. He was a top ten (or better) starter in the American League in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

In 2022, he struggled and it soured a lot of people. For whatever reason, he didn't get the benefit of the doubt for one below-average year in the middle of a bunch of really good years. It happens sometimes.

He had a lot to prove in 2023 and has done so. At this point in time, he is the best pitcher in the starting rotation. He has even outpitched Dylan Cease through the middle of May.

Now, he might get an opportunity with a new team. There are plenty of teams that believe they can win the World Series. Most of them would like to add a great starter to help them on that quest. Giolito will get interest from those teams if he is made available by the White Sox.