3 Reasons It Was Smart The Chicago White Sox Traded Dylan Cease

Yes, the starting rotation will be awful, but the trade had to happen for these three reasons...

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The Sox gained more talented prospects for Rebuild 2.0.

Despite what ownership thinks, general manager Chris Getz is not going to turn things around quickly. This is a rebuild folks after the last one failed thanks to owner Jerry Reinsdorf, former manager Tony La Russa, current manager Pedro Grifol, and former general manager Rick Hahn along with former EVP Kenny Williams.

Now Getz must try to replenish the White Sox farm system that is currently ranked 20th in baseball. Hahn and Williams helped him get a head start with last year's trade deadline deals they made before they were fired. It was still not going to be enough to restock the farm to give this franchise a shot another title window.

The Sox added a top 100 prospect according to MLB Pipeline and Baseball America in Drew Thorpe. He has one of the best changeups in the minor leagues.

Samuel Zavala is 19 and could finally be the prospect that solves the eternal problem in right field (or eventually replaces Robert Jr. if the Sox trade him eventually).

Jairo Iriarte is a pitcher who throws heat and can be a future rotational piece.

All three immediately went into the Sox' top 10 prospects once they were acquired according to MLB Pipeline. Thorpe is now the Sox' second-best pitching prospect and third overall. Zavala is No. 6 and Iriarte is No. 9.

Colson Montgomery, Noah Schultz, and Jacob Gonzalez are the only three players in the top 10 the Sox drafted. Bryan Ramos was an international free agent signing. That is now six players the Sox acquired via trades to bolster the farm system. That is what a rebuilding team has to do during a teardown--leverage existing assets for additional future assets.