3 reasons why the Chicago White Sox should trade Dylan Cease during the season

Three reasons why the White Sox should trade Dylan Cease later in the season.
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The biggest story for the Chicago White Sox heading into the 2023-2024 offseason was supposed to be the likelihood that starting pitcher Dylan Cease would be traded by the time the season started. However, the longer we go on, the more we start to realize that Cease may not be traded before the season starts. Things are moving slowly, or there are problems reaching an agreement. Perhaps there isn’t as much interest in Cease as we originally thought.

Perhaps the White Sox are asking for too much?

As it stands right now, it would look like the White Sox are going to begin the season with Cease still part of their roster. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and we will explore why that is and why the White Sox should wait to trade Cease until the season has started and before the mid-season trade deadline. Why would this make sense and possibly give the White Sox their best outcome?

Let’s find out.

Higher return on investment

This is kind of tricky. I believe that if Cease has an excellent start to the season, the White Sox are going to get a lot more in return for him than they are trying to get right now. Of course, it all hinges on a great start. Should Cease start the season on a high note, teams that are desperate for pitching, or are just a pitcher away from contending for the playoffs, will come calling. And they will quite possibly want to give up a lot to get a guy like Cease.

Of course, this all depends on whether Cease can come up and play better than he did last year. He needs to return to his 2022 form and be the Cy Young runner-up that he was that year. That will attract a lot of attention and people will be willing to pay a lot to get him.

The White Sox could use a nice return on a trade for Cease. Multiple players, multiple good players would be needed in return for Cease if a team is willing to give up the pieces. The Sox also need to be careful of demanding too much and scaring teams away which may have happened during this offseason.