The Dylan Cease rumors are too quiet for the Chicago White Sox

What's going on with Dylan Cease?
Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

The Dylan Cease rumors throughout the past few weeks have been a bit too quiet. As the Chicago White Sox enter the 2024 season, they need to have a clear plan on what they're going to do with the right-handed ace.

Does Chris Getz believe that waiting until the deadline will raise his value? Will the asking price come down at some point? These are the questions that are there for the White Sox at this point.

The latest we heard was from Bob Nightengale of USAToday. Nightengale reported that the asking price continues to be too high and that they're asking for teams' top prospects.

""The Chicago White Sox’s asking price for ace Dylan Cease remains awfully strong: They are seeking prized Yankees outfield prospect Spencer Jones or right-handed pitcher Chase Hampton in their package.""

With two years of control, holding off until Getz lands the best package is warranted. There's a very good chance that a team will overpay at the deadline and if that's the case, he looks like a genius. If he doesn't land the package that he's hoping for and Cease losses value before the deadline, this will be an all time collapse.

"“All it takes is one team to want to jump out, perhaps, and get a deal done,” GM Chris Getz said. “In the case of Dylan, I don’t think there’s a club out there that hasn’t expressed some level of interest in him.” "

Rumors have suggested that teams have made offers to the White Sox. To this point, Getz hasn't liked a package. Perhaps he will get a deal done in the next few weeks heading into Spring Training, but the rumors have been too quiet to expect that.

He must get the proper return for Cease as the White Sox enter a new beginning. If not, it'd be a total failure.