3 reasons why the White Sox made the right decision by signing Martin Maldonado

Martin Maldonado is coming to the Chicago White Sox in 2024.
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Martin Maldonado will be good for all of the young pitchers and catchers

Winning experience will help the team as a whole. However, the way Martin Maldonado is as a catcher will specifically help the young pitchers and catchers on the team.

With Korey Lee and Edgar Quero potentially in the mix, Maldonado could help them learn a few things that will get them ready for Major League Baseball.

The White Sox need to develop these guys into good catchers because Maldonado is far from the long-term answer.

If he could spend his one year helping them grow their game, his contract would pay for itself on that alone. At 37 years old with a ring and a Gold Glove, he has a lot of wisdom to share.

As for the pitchers, they could all use an upgrade when it comes to a defensive catcher/pitch framer. We don't know if Dylan Cease will be sticking around but youngsters like Garrett Crochet and Michael Kopech may benefit from this signing.

Again, some folks might not like the singing because it feels so "typical White Sox" but they needed to make a move similar to this. They have their 2024 catcher and he provides a few things that could help everybody in the long term.