3 Reds prospects for the White Sox to consider in a Dylan Cease trade

The Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox are perfect for a Dylan Cease trade.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds
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Connor Phillips is a player that the White Sox can target in a trade

The number three prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization is Edwin Arroyo. He is also the number 57 prospect in the league as a whole.

However, he is a shortstop so the White Sox might think about other prospects knowing that they have Colson Montgomery waiting in the wings.

Someone like their fourth overall prospect, Connor Phillips, makes a lot more sense. He is their number four prospect and ranked number 68 in the league. Like Lowder, he is a right-handed pitcher with some upside. As mentioned before, there is no limit to how much pitching a team can have.

Phillips has had some struggles so far, but that is expected for a first-time starting pitcher in Major League Baseball. He had a 6.97 ERA and a 1.500 WHIP so there is still a lot of work to do. The encouraging thing is that he had 26 strikeouts in 20.2 innings pitched.

He has a very good fastball and he works on some other pitches that he is still working on. His curveball and changeup are good but he is still working on his slider. His control can also use some work but he can certainly miss bats when his stuff is on.

Thinking about trading Cease for unknown commodities is a sign of a bad team, but that is what we have on our hands with the White Sox. Hopefully, whatever decision is made will help them in the future.

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