3 relievers the Chicago White Sox should be trying to trade now

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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2. Aaron Bummer

The Chicago White Sox should try to get anything for Aaron Bummer.

You can make an argument that the White Sox should DFA Aaron Bummer because he has been so bad. With both Garrett Crochet and Liam Hendriks back, they shouldn't be playing around if they are actually trying to win. We know they aren't good enough to win anyway so it doesn't matter.

However, he does have a history of being a top flight reliever so people often wonder if he'd get back to that at any point. There are plenty of teams out there that might thing they could get him back to that level. Some of them might be right.

If a team is willing to give up literally anything for him, the White Sox should jump all over it. There isn't even a reason to have him on the roster at all so trading him would be an absolute win.

Bummer is loaded with talent and is a very unique type of pitcher. It would be fun to see him go to another team, gather information from them, and start pitching well again. If it got the White Sox a prospect that they like, it would be great to see.