3 teams the White Sox could trade Dylan Cease to this week

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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The Chicago White Sox really might trade Dylan Cease at some point. There are a lot of good things that could come from a move like that.

For one, they would make sure to be moving him while he has some kind of value. Everyone knows that he has the potential to be elite. However, a bad 2024 season with a bad White Sox team would probably make him close to untradable.

He would benefit from a move like this because he'd probably be acquired by a team that intends to win with him. That is a great career move for him at this point.

The White Sox would also probably get a pretty good return for him. They tried to move him during the 2023 season and couldn't but now is their chance again. They would be smart to make a move like this. One of these three teams makes the most sense for a Dylan Cease trade:

1. Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs should try to get Dylan Cease back in the mix.

The Chicago Cubs traded Dylan Cease to the Chicago White Sox back in 2017. It was a really bad trade for the Cube but the White Sox didn’t take advantage of it the way that they should have. 

Now, Cease going back would be everything coming full circle. The Cubs would love to add a Cy Young level pitcher like Cease to their rotation. He’d have to prove that he can get back to that level but he certainly has the stuff to do so. 

The White Sox could get a good rerun for Cease and the Cubs have some really nice prospects. It would certainly be a good thing if the Sox found a way to get a good return from the Cubs once again. 

With a manager like Craig Counsell now in place, the Cubs are going to start pushing their chips in. Adding a good (and controlled) piece like Cease would certainly be a sign that they plan on doing that.