3 things to root for as the White Sox season winds down

Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers
Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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3. Avoiding 100 losses

The Chicago White Sox really don't want to lose 100 games this season.

The mark of a truly bad MLB team is reaching the 100-loss mark. The White Sox are dangerously close to reaching that mark. They haven't reached it since 2018 and they only have a handful of times in franchise history. Even for them, that's bad.

The White Sox enter their series with the Boston Red Sox at 58-95. The White Sox need to go 5-4 or better to avoid reaching that dreaded 100 loss mark. It might not be likely at this point because expecting them to go over .500 for any stretch is asking a lot.

This team loves losing and they are going to do their best to reach 100 losses but fans should be watching rooting against it. There is no reason for them to reach that mark if they can avoid it. They are finishing the season with three teams that are better than them but they can still win against good teams.

None of the teams (Boston, Arizona, and San Diego) are world beaters either despite being pretty good. Seeing the White Sox have a strong finish and avoid being over the 100 loss mark would be great heading into the off-season.

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