3 White Sox infielders to trade before spring training begins

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are under a month away from seeing their pitchers and catchers report to spring training. It is a long off-season but it does feel like it went by quickly.

They haven't done much to address some of the issues going on with the roster but it is clear that they are going to look a tad bit different from the team that was a complete disaster in 2022.

Going into spring training, it is fair to wonder if any other moves are going to be made in order to better their chances of a bounce-back season in 2023.

They could make a trade or two to do that and it could involve some pretty good players. Trading one of these three infielders might actually be a good idea:

Jake Burger

Jake Burger would help the Chicago White Sox get some help elsewhere.

The Chicago White Sox took a chance on Jake Burger in the first round all of those years ago and thier patience with him has somewhat paid off. He was very injured to start his pro career but he has since become a more reliable player in terms of health.

The White Sox might find a way to trade him though because they are just never going to regularly play him at third base when Yoan Moncada is on the roster. Burger has been a better hitter than Moncada lately but the overall potential of each player doesn't even compare.

Burger is still a very useful hitter and there are teams that would find value in that. The Sox could look to move him for help in other areas of need and it wouldn't be a bad decision at all. He is easy to root on for a variety of reasons so it would be tough to see him go but possibly necessary.