3 White Sox mistakes that fans want to see Chris Getz clean up

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
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2023 was a tough year for the Chicago White Sox. They didn't do a lot of winning and there has been a lot of fallout as a result. Players, coaches, and front-office executives have all been sent away.

One of the major fallouts was the day that Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn were fired as the President and GM respectively. They were replaced by Chris Getz who is now in charge of the baseball operations.

Now, Getz wasn't the hire that a lot of people wanted to see them make. He is already dealing with the pressure of that and now we will see what he is able to do in response to all of the criticism.

Cleaning up a few of the messes left behind by the previous regime will be one of the biggest tasks for Getz in the early going. The White Sox haven't been a brilliant team recently and it's Getz's job to fix it. These are the three tasks that need to be at the top of mind:

1. Dylan Cease

The Chicago White Sox need Chris Getz to be smart with Dylan Cease.

The Chicago White Sox saw Dylan Cease have an all-world type of season in 2022. He came in second place for the American League Cy Young because of how good he was.

He came into 2023 thinking he was a favorite to win that award this season. Of course, he came well short of that goal as he won't even get a single vote this year.

For some reason, Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams were allowed to handle the trade deadline just to be fired a few weeks later. Part of their issue was not trading Dylan Cease although it sounds like some teams were willing to give up a lot.

Now, it is on Getz to fix this issue. Does Dylan want to stay? Does he want to go? They can probably get a great trade done thanks to his final few starts being so good. Teams will want that in 2024. We'll see what both sides decide but it is on Getz to make the best choice.