3 White Sox pitchers that must be traded as soon as possible

The Chicago White Sox need to make some moves. Trading a few pitchers would really help.
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are one of the worst teams in the American League. It is going to be a long time before they are even a contender again. Right now, however, they might have a way to get more future assets into the organization.

Pitching is key in Major League Baseball. Without a good rotation and bullpen, it is hard on you as a franchise. It can always derail a team from going on a big-time run. 

The White Sox are terrible but not every player is awful. They specifically have pitchers that can help a good team take the next step. These are the three pitchers that the White Sox should be trying to move right now: 

The White Sox should trade Erick Fedde while he still has value 

The Chicago White Sox took a chance on Erick Fedde this off-season. It wasn’t a hard decision to make because they were going to be terrible with or without him. Now that he is showing his good season overseas wasn’t a fluke, he has some value on the trade market. 

There are plenty of contending teams that could use a number four or five starter. Fedde could be that guy if the White Sox are willing to move him. To be honest, they have no reason to keep him. 

Moving him as soon as possible also eliminates the possibility of him falling back down to earth for a long stretch. He isn’t a Cy Young guy or anything like that but he has been solid so far. If he falls off a cliff, he won’t be worth anything. 

Getting assets for him before the All-Star break would be the smartest thing that Chris Getz could do in his first full season as the guy. If a few good prospects come back in return for him, that would be a great thing.