3 White Sox pitchers that could be the Opening Day starter now that Cease is gone

Who is going to start for the Chicago White Sox on Opening Day with Dylan Cease gone?
Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals
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The Chicago White Sox traded Dylan Cease to the San Diego Padres. He would have been the ace of the staff and Opening Day started if he stayed. Now, the Sox have to figure out who is going to be that guy from this moment forward.

Some might have thought that Michael Kopech would be named the Opening Day starter. However, Chris Getz announced on Thursday that the plan is to have Kopech come out of the bullpen this season. 

After all these years, the White Sox have no clue what to do with their once-top pitching prospect. This rotation is now in shambles. Now, they have to figure out who is going to be the Opening Day starter. 

Right now, there are a few options to consider. These are three pitchers that will get the most consideration: 

Eric Feede could make his Chicago White Sox debut on Opening Day

Eric Feede spent 2023 getting his pitching back on track away from Major League Baseball after six miserable years with the Washington Nationals from 2017-2022.

Now, he is with the Chicago White Sox and a good option to be their Opening Day starter. It might not be the most exciting thing of all time but he is a name that will be considered.

If he can take his revamped style and bring it to Major League Baseball, the Chicago White Sox would certainly benefit from it.

With Cease gone and Kopech staying in the bullpen, you can bet that Feede's name is being thrown around as the guy that goes on Opening Day.