3 White Sox pitchers to trade before spring training begins

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The Chicago White Sox are a team looking to make some more changes to the group before spring training starts for the 2023 season.

They have a few areas to address in order to get back to being a good team like they were the year before.

In order to do that, they might need to use a strength to address a weakness. One strength that they might have is their pitching staff.

They might be able to trade a pitcher or two in order to get some help in other areas of the field. These are the three pitchers that could get moved before spring training gets started:

Joe Kelly

The Chicago White Sox should really move on from Joe Kelly in 2023.

The White Sox signed Joe Kelly last offseason in hopes that he can be the guy that he was for his entire career. He has won the World Series with two different teams in his career.

Those are the highlights but dominating in the regular season is also something he was good at as well. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do that in a White Sox uniform.

Kelly has one of the worst years of his career in 2022 as did a lot of White Sox players. He didn't stay healthy, couldn't pitch consistently, and high-leverage situations were his enemy. For the contract that he was given, he failed tremendously.

If the White Sox can package Joe Kelly with a better player on the team to get someone that can help them in an area of need, it would be worth it. Another team might think that they can fix him which is totally possible.