3 White Sox players that won't be back in 2024

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2023 was a bad year for the Chicago White Sox and they are going to be doing what they can to correct it. It is not going to happen overnight but the players on this team that aren't good enough need to go. It sounds harsh but they were truly that awful this year.

Players on this team are going to be moved on in different ways. The White Sox will force some out, some will be traded, and some will leave on their own in free agency. There is no doubt that some big change is going to occur this winter.

A lot of different White Sox players had bad years. It is the ones on expiring contracts, however, that are going to be the main focus here.

Of all the players on the White Sox roster right now, these three should not be brought back under any circumstances:

1. Elvis Andrus

The Chicago White Sox don't need to be having Elvis Andrus anymore.

Elvis Andrus was amazing at the end of the 2022 season after the White Sox acquired him late in the year. They decided to bring him back late last off-season and it felt like a good move then too.

Unfortunately, it was a terrible idea. He was awful all year long outside of a decent stretch here to end the season.

He finished with a 0.6 WAR thanks to his .251/.304/.358 slash line. He hit 6 home runs, had 44 RBIs, and 39 runs scored. While playing out of position, he basically made the White Sox worse.

There is no reason to bring Andrus back. He might still have a place in the league but it shouldn't be with the White Sox anymore. If they bring him back, especially playing out of position, they are clearly not trying to win.