3 White Sox players that won't last until September 1

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The Chicago White Sox are not in a good way right now. As the rebuild slowly started to decline, things fell off quickly both on and off the field.

The team that was at one point the most exciting young group in the league quickly became the most unlikable bunch you'll ever come across.

Here we are in 2023 and Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams have both been fired. Now, following this unexpected but welcomed move, the franchise needs to move forward.

By the end of September, these three players are unlikely to last with the team:

1. Lane Ramsey

Lane Ramsey doesn't need to be with the Chicago White Sox right now.

Lane Ramsey is a 27-year-old rookie right now after being a 23rd-round pick in 2018. He hasn't impressed enough to make anybody think he will last with the team.

Ramsey has a 4.82 ERA and he only has 9.1 innings worth of work. He isn't someone that isn't going to be there long-term. If he goes out and has another tough outing, he needs to be sent back down and they can see what they have in other players.

When it is time to make call-ups in September, there are tons of players that should get a shot. Anything is possible with a team this bad but Lane Ramsey isn't someone that is going to be sticking around.

The funny thing is that he has a win on the season as well. He is 1-0 but that isn't something that is going to matter for him as he tries to have an MLB career.

This isn't to say that he can't have a chance next year but it just doesn't seem like he will be with the team beyond September 1st.