3 White Sox players that should be cut before August arrives

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox
Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are a horrific baseball team that nobody is proud of. In fact, most people that love this team are straight-up ashamed.

Things have gotten really bad this year. They are not expected to be in the playoffs now and the future looks as bleak as ever.

This was supposed to be the window of success that White Sox fans dream of. Instead, they are just a massive disappointment in every single way. 

Now, it is time for the MLB Trade Deadline. There are some really good teams that will be looking for upgrades at certain positions. The White Sox be able to help as sellers.

They have a lot of players that could be traded. They also have a lot of players that could be cut because they have played so poorly. That would absolutely benefit the team. 

These are the three players that the White Sox should cut before August begins:

1. Aaron Bummer

The White Sox should not have Aaron Bummer pitching anymore.

Aaron Bummer has been terrible for the Chicago White Sox over the last year or so. They should cut him right now so he doesn’t have to keep hurting their chances to win.

At one point, Bummer was absolutely one of the best relievers in baseball. He helped the Sox have an outstanding bullpen for a few years there. 

Now, however, he has no business pitching for them. He has gotten worse and worse while playing for the White Sox this year. 

Now, if Bummer were to be cut and signed with another team, expect him to come out strong again. Other teams have better recourses than the White Sox to help people which is sad.