3 White Sox players to trade away during the Winter Meetings

Seattle Mariners v Chicago White Sox
Seattle Mariners v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox and the rest of Major League Baseball are getting set to participate in Winter Meetings.

This event takes place next week and it is when every team is together in one spot with agents and league officials.

During this time, we see big-time free agents make deals in addition to big trades happening between teams. The White Sox, we hope, are going to be involved in some of these transactions.

If the White Sox are going to make some moves, there are players to consider trading. Moving on from one (or more) of these three big names might help them become a better team.

The Chicago White Sox need to have a big off-season this time around.

1. Liam Hendriks

Liam Hendriks is one of the best closers in the game right now. He is not the reason that the White Sox struggled in 2022 at all. In fact, when he entered the game with a lead, the White Sox had a great chance to win.

The thing is that the White Sox have a few people that can close down a game if they did decide to move Hendriks. There are plenty of teams that desperately could use a closer and might give the White Sox something that can help them win. It is something to consider.

2. Lucas Giolito

Trading Lucas Giolito after one bad year might be a bit of an overreaction because he was so good in 2019, 2020, and 2021. However, if they can get something really good for him that will help the team more, they should consider it.

At this point, it would have to be a great return and that could exist out there. You can't just give him away for nothing otherwise it would be a terrible trade. He could really bounce back strong next year which is why he is hard to trade for no reason.

Every pitcher in the White Sox starting rotation as of right now is a righty which is an actual reason to trade Giolito. If they can get a lefty or help at second base/outfield, moving him might be a good idea.

3. Gavin Sheets

The White Sox aren't bringing back Jose Abreu. Andrew Vaughn is expected to be the guy playing first base in his place which would allow Eloy Jimenez to be the mostly full-time designated hitter.

Gavin Sheets is the odd man out clearly. Playing him in the outfield again is a really bad idea because he is so bad at it. He deserves respect for trying but this is the big leagues.

Unless they plan on using him as a bench bat (or replacement first baseman), they should trade him. There might be a team looking for a left-handed power hitter and he could get the White Sox a nice return. As of now, it is something to think about.


The White Sox are trying to bounce back from an abysmal year in 2022. They played so poorly and still managed to be .500 which speaks to the talent on the team.

If they combine that with better management and some smart off-season moves, they could have a much better year. Being smart with their roster during the Winter Meetings would be a great start.

If one of these guys is gaining interest around the league and the return is right, the White Sox should do it.

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