3 White Sox players who are playing their way out of 2024 plans

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago White Sox
Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are not good and only getting worse. They continue to lose lots of baseball games and it makes them look even worse.

There are even players on this team right now that are horrible in the locker room and that has divided the team.

It is about as ugly as it can get on the south side right now. Coming into 2024, Rick Hahn is going to preach about trying to win when we all know this team isn't good enough.

Part of the problem is that the players just aren't good enough. These three players, in particular, have played themselves out of the 2024 White Sox plans:

1. Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is having a very bad year for the Chicago White Sox.

It sounded like the Chicago White Sox might trade Tim Anderson at one point before the trade deadline. There are plenty of teams that would take a chance at getting him back to his old productive ways.

Instead, however, the White Sox ended up keeping him. Whether that was on purpose or because nobody would bite on a trade remains unknown. There were plenty of reports of people being interested.

This is a player that has had issues on and off the field this year. A change of scenery would absolutely be good for him and it could come as soon as 2024. With the way he played this year, he might not be in the plans for 2024.

If the White Sox did decide to move on from the player that was once the face of the franchise, they have a few prospects that should be able to step up and fill in.