3 White Sox players who could sneak onto the 40-man roster by Opening Day

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
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The Chicago White Sox have all of their players and some invitees at spring training. Baseball is so close and it is going to be a great year. There are a lot of storylines that are surrounding this team right now.

There is some negativity because of what went down last year but there are also some positive vibes going on with the team right now.

Everyone is there trying to get ready for a bounce-back year. This team desperately wants to get into the playoffs which is certainly an attainable goal.

There are a few players trying to make the 40-man roster by Opening Day right now in spring training. These are the three players that have the best chance of sneaking on:

Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton is someone that might be able to help the White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox needs a spark. They didn't have those good vibes in 2022 as they did in 2021 and a large part of it is because Billy Hamilton wasn't there anymore. He isn't a game-breaking player but he brings a sense of excitement just by the way he plays.

He can run well, field well, and is a fantastic leader that helps the team win by doing the little things. Hamilton even found a way to learn a few things in 2021 that helped him become a decent hitter at times. He even became known as "Billy The Hitter" for a little while.

If he makes the 40-man roster, you'd have to think that it means that he makes the Opening Day MLB roster which might be really nice for the White Sox. This is something that can spark the entire team if it happens.