3 White Sox prospects who should not get a September call-up

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The Chicago White Sox are getting ready for a finish to a season that has not gone their way. Things have been worse than bad this year and a lot of changes need to be made.

Of course, rosters are set to expand for all 30 teams on September 1st and the White Sox will certainly make some moves.

None of it will be in the interest of winning but it should be in the interest of the future. They need to be smart with these decisions.

There are plenty of prospects who could handle being called up but there are some that should be nowhere near this team right now. These three should for sure not be called up:

1. Colson Montgomery

The Chicago White Sox should not see Colson Montgomery this season.

Colson Montgomery is the White Sox's number-one prospect right now. He is also considered to be a top-20 prospect in all of baseball.

He keeps the farm from being one of the worst in the league because he has been so good in 2023. For those reasons, he does have no business coming to this Chicago White Sox team.

He is still in AA so if they want to have him finish the year in AAA that is fine but in no way should he make his MLB debut during this horrific season.

If Rick Hahn is fired during the off-season, we can thank him for Montgomery on his way out because not much else has gone right.

Montgomery could eventually be the replacement for Tim Anderson at shortstop or he could be an infielder at a different position but he must finish this season in the minors.