3 White Sox prospects that should be untouchable at the trade deadline

Whether the White Sox are buyers or sellers at the Trade Deadline, there are apparent players that the organization should not even think about dealing.
Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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The Trade Deadline is approaching, and the 40-55 Chicago White Sox are going to have a lot of decisions to make.

The chances of them selling are much more understandable than the chances of them buying but regardless of what they end up doing, there are prospects in their organization that should be considered as untouchable.

Other organizations across major league baseball may ask about some of the players in the White Sox farm system and the White Sox need to have the courage to flat-out say no if it comes to that situation.

Here are three prospects that the White Sox should claim as untouchable throughout the trade deadline process this year.

1. Oscar Colas

While Colas hasn't performed how many wanted him to in 2023, he is still going to play a significant factor in the White Sox's future.

The 24-year-old needs to mature as a professional baseball player and by no means should the White Sox consider listening to offers for him.

Once Colas fixes his 27.5 strikeout percentage along with his 4.6 walk percentage, he will be driving balls all over the stadium consistently. He needs more at-bats in the majors and time will tell from there.

The best option for Colas is to be put into the White Sox starting lineup every night, allowing him to find his groove/comfort at the big league level. Everyone has seen what he is capable of doing in Triple-A ball and once he converts that into MLB production, his future has no roof.