3 White Sox prospects to trade before spring training begins

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The Chicago White Sox are going to be watching their prospects a lot this season. There are a few of them that stand out above the rest as players that can make an impact at the MLB level one day.

With the team going through a retool, they would love to use their prospects to help the Major League roster improve. That could either be by using them as players or by trading them for help.

There are still a few valuable prospects in the system that might be able to help the White Sox become a better team by trading them for help on other parts of the field.

These are the three prospects that the White Sox might consider trading before spring training starts to address a need:

Lenyn Sosa

Lenyn Sosa might be someone that the White Sox can trade for help now.

The Chicago White Sox are hoping that one of Lenyn Sosa or Romy Gonzalez can steal the show at second base in 2023.

They both had good flashes in 2022 but neither of them made anyone believe that they are going to be the guy in the long term.

Of the two, Sosa has the highest upside and might be able to land them someone good in a trade that can help right now whether it be another second baseman or somewhere else. The White Sox don't have time to wait for him to blossom.

There are plenty of rebuilding teams out there that might take a chance on a prospect like this so the White Sox should consider moving him for someone that helps in 2023 and not 2025.