3 White Sox that should follow Oscar Colas back to AAA

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The Chicago White Sox are in a very interesting spot. They are a horrific baseball team, they have a bad farm system, and are looking like a franchise that will start over with another rebuild.

Earlier this week, they made the decision to send Oscar Colas down to AAA Charlotte. In September, in a lost season, they didn't want to leave one of their top prospects in the big leagues.

That is not a good sign. They clearly don't see much in him right now and they don't feel the need to see him in Major League Baseball anymore.

It may or may not end up looking smart but it is a curious decision as of right now. With that in mind, these three players should follow him right back down to AAA:

1. Gavin Sheets

Gavin Sheets doesn't need to be with the MLB White Sox right now.

The Chicago White Sox had some good times with Gavin Sheets. He was a promising lefty power-bat early in his MLB career but he has followed the White Sox's path of moving backward in his development.

Sheets is not having a good year at all and should be sent back to AAA. He is currently slashing .208/.276/.347 with an OPS of .624. He only has nine home runs with 37 RBIs and 21 runs scored.

He is a first baseman by trade by Andrew Vaughn has taken over for Jose Abreu at that spot this year. That really only leaves right-field as a position that he can play and he doesn't play it that well.

Between his bad stats offensively and his bad outfield play, he has a WAR of -1.0. He could certainly use a refresher course down in the minors.