3 White Sox that should have been traded during spring training

The Chicago White Sox should have traded these guys during spring training.
Atlanta Braves v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox have been even worse than some might have thought so far this season. Nobody predicted them to be anything other than last in the AL Central but this is even worse.

They should have sold even more players during spring training when they had the chance. Teams are always looking to make big upgrades and the White Sox have a few pieces left that they can move for future assets.

Now, we are a month into the season and there are some players that won't be tradable for different reasons.

It would have been nice if the White Sox were smart and made more moves earlier. These are the three players that they should have moved during spring ball:

Luis Robert Jr. would have landed the Chicago White Sox a haul.

The Chicago White Sox are lucky to have had Luis Robert Jr. He is an incredible talent who has MVP potential. It is just unfortunate that he ended up with an organization that wasn't able to put a winning product around him.

Robert has also been incredibly injury-prone during his time with the White Sox. Because the White Sox are a bad team and don't have time to wait him out, they should have moved him after 2023.

Now, he is injured badly again and won't be back for a while. If they were to have traded him during spring training knowing how bad they were going to be, they would have been smart to try and land a haul for him. He was incredible in 2023 and that makes him attractive to other teams.

This team needs to continue tearing it down and trading Robert before the season would have been a tough but good move. They missed that one more than any other player.