Three players that are shining for the Chicago White Sox

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox / Griffin Quinn/GettyImages

When you think of the Chicago White Sox, you probably think of bad things. Losses, poor performances, and other negative things come to mind. You might feel sorry for this team, they have a lot of negative around them and cannot seem to put anything positive together.

But there is some hope for this team. Three guys have been carrying this team, however much you can carry a team that’s won as many games as the White Sox have, and they are doing well. The poor performances by the majority of the team are overshadowing their performances. Their teammates are not doing their part.

It sure shows too!

Who are the three players that are shining for the White Sox right now? Which three players are performing well and close to being up to standard? What are they doing that makes a difference? Let’s find out as we look at the three players quietly shining for the White Sox.

Korey Lee

Korey Lee is one of the better players on the team. Hands down. When compared to Martin Maldonado, there is no comparison. Maldonado may be ok behind the plate, but he can’t hit anything. That’s making it tough on the White Sox. However, when Lee steps up to the plate, he’s hitting the ball well.

According to Baseball Reference, through the Sox series with the Minnesota Twins, Lee is averaging .255 with six RBI, three home runs, and 14 hits in 58 plate appearances. He’s got better production than Maldonado although Maldonado stepped it up on Friday night against the Rays with a three-run blast. And While Maldonado may be the better choice behind the plate sometimes, when it comes to batting, Lee is your guy.

Lee was projected to be a strong catcher in a few years but it appears that his time has come sooner than we thought. While some may call it crazy to think that he’s the best player at catcher on the roster he probably is. The good thing about Lee is that he will only get better which means the Sox will get better as well.

Andrew Benintendi

The series against the Tampa Bay Rays was Andrew Benintendi’s breakout so to speak. He shined big time and even helped the Sox win the second game of the series with a walk-off home run. It was his second home run of the game. Benintendi has started to become the player that fans and management hoped he would be. Before this last series, he wasn’t living up to his lofty price tag. Now it appears he may be starting to pay dividends.

According to Baseball Reference, Benintendi has been at bat 110 times, has an average of .200, and has hit the ball 22 times. He has eight runs, three home runs and 13 RBI.

It’s great to see Benintendi coming around and it’s about time! The White Sox need him to keep up this type of play and be consistent. Consistency has been a problem for him in the past but if he can keep up what he’s doing the White Sox will easily win more games.

Eloy Jimenez

Eloy Jimenez has taken off since coming back from the injured list. He’s been hitting the ball with force and knocking it out of the park occasionally. Jimenez is finally starting to live up to his lofty billing and it’s slowly starting to convert into wins for the White Sox.

Baseball-Reference tells us that Jimenez has been to bat 67 times with 16 hits and nine RBIs with an average of .239. He’s managed three home runs and has eight runs. Not too bad for a guy who hasn’t been healthy for part of the season. Look for him to continue to pour it on as long as he remains healthy and doesn’t have additional leg problems.

The White Sox needed to get a lot out of Jimenez and they are starting to. The others aren’t doing that bad either, they just need to remain consistent and this team will continue to improve. If these three can continue to play well and keep it up as well as get some help from the others, at least a little help, this team will win more games and slowly start to turn things around.