3 White Sox that have also played for D-Backs or Marlins

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins
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Immaculate Grid has taken over the baseball corner of the internet lately. Well, the Chicago White Sox are featured on it for Wednesday and people are looking for answers.

It wants you to find some White Sox players that have won Rookie of the Year with the franchise and there are only six to choose from.

It also needs you to think of a player that played for the White Sox and the Arizona Diamondbacks in addition to a White Sox player that also played for the Florida/Miami Marlins.

These three players have played for the White Sox and at least one of the other two:

The White Sox have some very interesting players in franchise history.

1. Mark Buehrle

Mark Buehrle spend one of his final seasons in the league with the Miami Marlins. Of course, he is one of the greatest pitchers in White Sox history as well but he would fit right onto that grid thanks to that 2012 season he spent with Miami.

That was the first year he spent away from the White Sox where he spent 12 years. After 2012, however, Buehrle moved on to Toronto where he played north of the border for three seasons.

2. Adam Eaton

Oh yeah, you remember Adam Eaton. He had two stints with the White Sox but the first one went much better for him.

He also spent two seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks before making his way over to Chicago. He had a very interesting career but his highlight came in 2019 as a member of the Washington Nationals when they won the World Series.

3. Carlos Quentin

Carlos Quentin was a great player during his tenure with the Chicago White Sox. He had a couple of appearances in the All-Star Game but he was only with the Sox for four years.

Before those four years, however, he spent two with the Arizona Diamondbacks so he'd fit right there on the grid. Hopefully, this brings back more good memories than bad memories.

Immaculate Grid is a very fun game that all baseball fans should be enjoying. It is cool when the White Sox are featured on it too. Hopefully, this helps some folks that are stuck.

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