4 offseason moves the Chicago White Sox made that seem to be working out

Melissa Tamez-USA TODAY Sports
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Moving Garrett Crochet to the starting rotation is having some success.

Crochet was outstanding in his first three career starts. He was must-see television. Then he struggled in his next three starts.

He could not avoid a big inning and giving up home runs. It was looking like he was not ace material. He was solid in his outing.

It has renewed hope that Crochet will be a dude in the rotation.

He is going to be treated with kid gloves since he has pitched in just a shade over 70 innings before this season.

He was cruising along in his last outing, but he was pulled after five innings and 77 innings as part of the plan to ease him into being a starter.

Crochet still has a high ERA, but that is because of three outings where he gave up 16 runs in three games. In his four other starts, Crochet has yielded just six runs.

He is second in the majors in strikeouts. His stuff does have the potential to anchor the White Sox rotation for a couple of years. A rotation that could be very good, young, and controllable for years to come with promising arms like Nick Nastrini, Jonathan Cannon, Drew Thorpe, Jairo Iriarte, and Noah Schultz.