4 recent non-tenders that make sense for the Chicago White Sox

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4. Cody Bellinger

The Chicago White Sox should make a big play for Cody Bellinger.

The biggest name of anyone to get cut via the non-tender is Cody Bellinger. He is a former World Series champion and National League MVP. For a long time, he was an elite player on the National League's best team.

if he could ever get back to being 80 percent of that, he will really help whatever team he signs with. The White Sox should really consider buying low on someone who used to be elite and is now nice and hungry to be great again.

His struggles have gotten him cut from that team in Los Angeles that is a lock to win 100 games for a while and now he has to find his way somewhere else. Obviously, the White Sox had similar struggles as Bellinger as a team in 2022 so they would be a great match to try and come back strong together.

We have also talked about the need for depth in the outfield as well. Eloy Jimenez is better suited to be a designated hitter, Luis Robert is a centerfielder, and the rest is a question mark going into 2023. If Bellinger can come in and make an impact, that would be a great thing for the Sox.

They should consider all of these guys for different roles. Some of them would be for Minor League depth with a chance to play in the Majors and some of them would just be for the White Sox. No matter what, nothing should be off the table after the disaster that was 2022.

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