5 Chicago White Sox players who won't survive the trade deadline

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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The Chicago White Sox are in bad shape. They are going to be selling off some of their biggest players before the deadline to try and salvage a little bit of the future

The landscape in the American League has been very interesting this year. Of course, some teams are better than others but nobody in the league is way ahead of the next best team.

There are about five teams in each league that believe that they can win the World Series. The White Sox are not one of them. Some of the good players on this team are going to be traded as a result.

These five players are not going to survive the 2023 Major League Baseball Trade Deadline:

1. Tim Anderson

Trading Tim Anderson is going to be a big move for the White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox have had some amazing moments with Tim Anderson. For most of his White Sox career, especially from 2019-2022, he was an elite player. 

Unfortunately, things have fallen off badly for him this year. He started off well (including playing for Team USA at the World Baseball Classic) but an early injury took him out and he hasn’t recovered. 

Now, there is a realistic chance that he is moved. The White Sox probably won’t get good value for him but he also just hasn’t been a good player this year. 

There are a few teams that would take a risk on him but some of them might force him to move to second base. Seeing him go would be sad but it could be good for both sides.