6 free agents that the Chicago White Sox may consider this off-season

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With the disastrous 2023 White Sox season finally over, it is time to reshape the roster ahead of 2024.

With new GM Chris Getz in charge, he has a chance to show the fans that he is not Rick Hahn 2.0. He wants to be someone who can pave the path to an era of hope. The White Sox saw about a 17% decrease in fan attendance this past season.

What better way to get buy-in back from the fans than by investing money in some win-now free agents?

Do fans have hope that Getz will turn the franchise around? Probably not but is it possible? Absolutely.

The Chicago White Sox need to spend some money this off-season.

There are some free agents that the Chicago White Sox can consider. A few of them seem more likely than others:

Less likely but possible

1. Jordan Montgomery

Jordan Montgomery had a great 2020 season for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers. He had a 3.42 ERA for the Cardinals with a 6-9 record. But when thrust into high-pressure playoff baseball, Montgomery has performed well.

He had a 2.79 ERA and a 4-2 record in his regular season stint with the Rangers. In addition, he has been fantastic in the post-season. In 17.1 innings, he has given up only 4 earned runs.

It is possible Montgomery has pitched his way into a far too lucrative deal for the White Sox but the team needs to try and sign him. Since Carlos Rodon in 2021, the White Sox have not had a reliable lefty starter.

2. Yoshinobu Yamamoto

This may be unrealistic but imagine the White Sox starting off the post Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams era with a splash off-season signing. Yamamoto will be one of the prizes of this offseason.

At 25 years old, he has won both the Sawamura Award which is the Japanese League's best pitcher award. He was also the MVP in each of the last two years.

His contract may hover around $200 million but there would be no better way to shatter the record of the most expensive contract in team history than by signing the Japanese Phenom.

3. Lucas Giolito

This may surprise people but it does not hurt to bring back Giolito. With Ethan Katz set to return to the team in 2024, Giolito may be inclined to take a short contract with the White Sox to revitalize his value before hitting free agency again.

With Katz, Giolito enjoyed his best seasons in the MLB. Away from the White Sox in 2023, Giolito tallied a 6.89 ERA with the Angels in 6 starts and a 7.04 ERA with the Guardians in as many starts.

The White Sox got good value for him at the deadline so bringing him back might be a good idea as he has pitched very well in Chicago over the years.

More likely

4. Luis Severino

Recently, the White Sox have loved giving struggling pitchers who displayed flashes of excellence in the past a chance to re-invent themselves. This strategy has worked well for the team as Mike Clevinger and Johnny Cueto performed well for the South Siders.

The frustrating part about this plan is that the team refuses to go after the top guys in the free agency classes, instead opting for cheaper, low-risk signings.

When it works out it looks great, but it is hard to sustain winning if this is the plan each year. Severino has been injury-plagued over the last few seasons but in his prime was a dominant all-star for the Yankees.

5. Jack Flaherty

It is no secret the White Sox need pitching and this would be a good one. Jack Flaherty offers a chance to find his glory days from 2021 and 2019 when he was considered one of the top young arms in baseball. He faltered in 2023 where he had a 4.43 ERA with the Cardinals and a 6.75 ERA with the contending Baltimore Orioles.

6. Whit Merrifield

With rumors that the White Sox have an interest in trading for Salvador Perez, it only makes sense that Whit Merrifield is tied to them as well. Merrifield was a two-time all-star on the Royals and was also one last season with the Blue Jays.

He has ties to Chris Getz and Pedro Grifol so it makes sense for the White Sox to be interested and offering the soon-to-be 35-year-old a contract.

An older free agent that has shown flashes in the past but is at the tail end of his prime? Sign the White Sox up.

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