August has been an insanely bad month for White Sox fans

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

August started off tough for Chicago White Sox fans. Not only were they entering the month as one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball, they had some big changes coming.

They already shipped out guys like Lucas Giolito and Lance Lynn a couple of days before the month started so the roster purge was on.

On August 1, the day of the trade deadline, the Sox shockingly traded Jake Burger to the Miami Marlins. That was a brutal way to get the month kicked off.

From there, the White Sox had to play following being sellers which is never fun. They went from bad to worse. Their record (and play) shows it.

The Chicago White Sox are almost done with a terrible month of August.

They lost lots of games but going 1-3 against the Chicago Cubs has the be the worst part of it all. They blew the final game that they had won entering the ninth inning which makes it even worse.

Another big move that the White Sox made during this time was the firing of Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams.

Of course, those can be seen as good things but those moves are the result of the team playing horribly.

There are also some bad rumors about their replacements which takes the excitement away completely. That is another thing that makes this news less fun than it should be.

The day before the White Sox made this announcement, a rumor came out about the potential for the team to be relocated to Nashville. You can't make this stuff up.

It is unlikely that the team moves out of Chicago but the fact that it is even a discussion is disgusting. The White Sox are one of the oldest and most iconic franchise in the AL. They need to be in Chicago.

As if the baseball side of things isn't bad enough, there was a shooting inside of Guaranteed Rate Field last week.

It wasn't an act of violence and nobody was seriously injured but debate over where the shots came from is still going on. It is a really bad look for the organization.

Things are as bad as ever for them. Their record during the month of August so far is horrible and it isn't going to get better with only a few more games to go in the month.

Hopefully, September will be a little bit better. It might feel unlikely but it will be hard to be as bad as August for a variety of reasons.

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