White Sox show they're not even in the same class as the Orioles

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles
Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox won two straight against the Oakland Athletics to even up the series on Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, the 2023 Athletics are one of the worst teams in the history of Major League Baseball. They should make the 2023 Chicago White Sox look like the 1927 New York Yankees but the White Sox even were pathetic against them in the first two games of that series.

Now, the White Sox are going to learn the difference between O's and A's. The Baltimore Orioles hosted the Chicago White Sox on Monday night.

The A's are the worst team in the American League based on record (and talent) and the Orioles are the top team in the American League based on record.

That showed in this first of three games. The Orioles beat the White Sox by a final score of 9-0. Michael Kopech started for the White Sox, had a bad outing, and then the bullpen came in and did just as bad.

The Chicago White Sox are a very bad baseball team at this point.

The offense was also non-existent which explains the 0 runs. They only had two hits and they were both off the bat of Luis Robert Jr. There's a surprise.

Korey Lee and Yoan Moncada each walked once but that wouldn't lead to a run either. It was yet another pitiful performance from this team but it is far from surprising at this point.

The Baltimore Orioles showed just why they are in a completely different class right now. The White Sox really can't even consider themselves close to the O's at this point in time.

The two teams will face one another again Jesse Scholtens is expected to get the start for the White Sox against Dean Kremer of the Orioles.

This matchup very much favors the Orioles. Scholtens still hasn't picked up a win as a starter and Kremer pitched a scoreless outing in his last appearance. This isn't even close.

At this point of the season, you expect the White Sox to lose to the O's but you can hope they don't get straight-up embarrassed. Monday didn't go well there so they have to try again on Tuesday. We'll see.

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