Billy Hamilton is incredibly excited for this second chance with the White Sox

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were missing a lot of things in 2022. One of the missing ingredients was good vibes. Everything seemed like it was way too stressful all the time which is exactly what they didn’t need in a year like that. Josh Harrison tried his best to be that guy but it just wasn’t enough

In 2021, the team’s vibes were immaculate. Winning certainly helps with that but it was just so obvious that the team loved playing for each other. For some reason, they weren’t able to recreate that vibe in 2022 despite being almost the same team. 

Why was that the case? Of course, year two of Tony La Russa had a lot to do with that but he wasn’t the only reason. There are a few omissions from the team that led to that drop in good vibes but few are as noticeable as Billy Hamilton. 

Hamilton wasn’t there in 2022 and it was obvious. They didn’t have that ball of energy to help everyone else in the dugout feel good about themselves. Sure, there are other players like that but nobody does it as well as Hamilton. 

The White Sox have Billy Hamilton at spring training which should be fun.

When he was there in 2021, he was not even close to being an all-star player. In fact, he wasn’t even an everyday starter. However, he accepted and executed his role as well as anyone on the team.

When they needed him to pinch run, he did it and was a threat every time. When they needed a big catch from him as a defensive replacement, they got it. Even when he came up to bat, he often impressed some people. It was inspiring to watch. 

It also seemed like he had an impact bigger than just X’s and O’s. He also made others around him feel better about their games and their ability to lead. He knew how to fit in using his skill sets which are very unique. There are very few players in the league like Hamilton. 

Hamilton is apparently very excited to join the White Sox again. He has a lot of love for the organization and the players that are there. He wasn’t with them for very long but he seemed to become a big fan of the team which is nice. Maybe that type of motivation will help him and his teammates. 

There is no guarantee that he makes the team. He isn’t signed to anything more than a minor league deal so he will need to prove himself worthy over the next few weeks. If anyone can do it, it’s Billy. 

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