White Sox News: Garrett Crochet is feeling good about his game again

Division Series - Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox - Game Four
Division Series - Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox - Game Four / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a team that has a lot of question marks. These question marks have to work out well in order for the team to succeed in 2023 after what was a terrible 2022 season. They don't have much wiggle room this year.

One player that wasn't there for that disaster of a year in 2022 is Garrett Crochet. He missed the whole year as he had Tommy John surgery late in the off-season. It felt like something that Crochet was always going to need but it came to light right before the last season began.

Now, coming into 2023, Crochet is working to get back. He is a starter naturally but he should be eased right back into the bullpen as he comes back from this Tommy John surgery. It isn't easy to come back from but guys have been better at doing it in recent years as the medical field gets stronger.

Crochet is projected to be ready by mid-May. He isn't going to go in any exhibition games but he will be starting a rehab assignment in April. That is great news for him as he works hard to be ready for most of the season. Getting him in the middle of May will be a great boost.

Garrett Crochet is going to be a welcomed addition to the White Sox.

Crochet has tons of talent. He was the first round selection for the White Sox in 2020 out of Tennessee. He throws the ball incredibly hard and works in some really nice breaking stuff. He is also a lefty which is something that could help this pitching staff in terms of versatility.

It is doubtful that he will be a starter any time soon but it is obvious that he can help them in their bullpen. They missed him a lot last year so getting him back this year will be a nice addition.

Crochet talked about feeling much better with Chuck Garfien on the White Sox Talk Podcast. He told him that he feels like himself again which is outstanding news.

That is what the Sox need to hear from Crochet as they head toward this incredibly important season. He can be a piece to the puzzle if he gets back to full strength.

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